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Our credo

At Armipotens, we believe innovation can guarantee human survival and prosperity. Our dedication to research, planning and development has made possible several notable breakthroughs. Advances in megastructure engineering, synthetic biology, and cerebral defense systems are helping Armadyne to ensure the health, safety and most importantly, citizenship of future generations.

Our Humanoids


  • Engineered for battle, programmed for peace.

  • Rated for extreme temperatures.

  • Minimal maintenance required.

  • 983,002 currently deployed by CCB.


  • Superior A.I. ensures expectations are not only met, they are exceeded.

  • 1600 currently in private use on Elysium.

  • 120 deployed by Elysium Corporate Authority.


  • Equipped to handle biological, chemical or radiological contamination - based emergencies.

  • Rated to withstand up to 50 Sv of radiation.

  • 2,032 deployed on Elysium and Earth.


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